June 24, 2014

DIY space trip

This is the video tutorial I made explaining how to travel to space. On a budget! Been there, done that so you can trust me. You will need:

some toy balls;
spray paint;
a lot of gaffer tape;
and lots and lots and lots of cardboard.

To learn what and how, watch the video below.

June 18, 2014

Coming back with a bang!

I've barely ever showed my face on this blog, the only picture of me is probably the one with the shining globe, here on the right. But this time, I'm coming back to the blog with a cosmic bang, in which you will see not only my editing skills, but my silly face, too! I was lucky enough to be asked to play an astronaut in the new Rasabasa music video, and then they let me edit it. The pre- in- and post- production took around 2 hard months, big amounts of Twix were consumed, and a lot of sunrises were met working on set. Since we aimed for the 70s look, we decided to build everything ourselves, from planets to the spaceship and from the cockpit to the big red room. Behind the scenes video is coming soon so stay tuned for that, but now, take a look at the video. And if you're reading this and watching the video, please please please, let me know what you think in the comments! P.S. For the most pleasurable cosmic experience watch it in HD.

January 12, 2014

video: norway in the summer

I don't know why it takes me half a year to edit a short and simple video but I finally did, so check out what we were up to in the summer:

January 06, 2014

The bestest of 2013

Best movie of the year: hands down, End of Watch. As soon as the movie ended I was sure this is the top one of the year for me. And it's weird, because it's absolutely not my kind of movie (click here for my last years favourites, for example) but it blew my roof and took my mind. I recommend watching it to all of you even if you 'don't like police movies, cannot relate' <<< that's what I kept saying until I saw this one.

Musically it was a very uneventful year, I must say. Except that I spend the majority of my days in a recording studio filming bands. But maybe that was the reason why I barely listened to any music at home. The only serious obsessions (when you listen to a song/ a band for so many times that in the end you and people around you want to uninstall the sound drive of your computer) were Twin Shadow (managed to overlisten to him in January 2013 and that was enough for the whole year) and CHVRCHES.

I promise I will start watching Breaking Bad soon. Till then, the best TV show, embarrassingly, remains the one about emigrants me and Rūta used to watch on the national TV on Wednesdays in the kitchen. Quality friendship time, no shiz.

I'm far from a make up lover or let alone, expert, but there is one make up item to which I'm planning to stick to until it's discontinued. And it is its majesty Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. Best texture, best colour match, best feeling of slapping it on my face (not really, I'm using and loving my Real techniques buffing brush sent to me by the amazing cousin of my friend Eglė from across the ocean). I've even received a couple of compliments on how good my skin looks. It's not my skin, my friends, it's the foundation.

Speaking about make up lovers… Essie Button's channel could probably be called my favourite TV show, reality show, entertainment programme and everything in between. Hallelujah.

January 01, 2014

in 2014 I will...

The town's firework stock is emptied, champagne is finished (not really, we had wine and I poured some squash in mine to get rid of that dryness) and it's the resolutions time! first of all, let's have a look at my last year's list and see how I did.

13 resolutions for the year 2013

1. go to a ballet - nope, didn't happen. maybe next year.

2. visit England - didn't happen either. I went to Norway twice, to Latvia twice and to Estonia, though.

3. go somewhere warm - not in 2013. but in 2014! already (almost) have the tickets.

4. move flats - yes! in February me, Justė and Rūta moved in to the most amazing flat downtown (almost), I love it so much that my heart will bleed dead puppies when we're moving out.

5. re-learn how to drive - kiiiind of but not really. my boyfriend was teaching me to drive every night for a couple of weeks until I finally gave up. and even though he says I drive very well I just cannot use the stick, it stresses me out even to think about changing gears and delicately stepping on the clutch at the same time. I'm not gonna lie, I drool with jealousy when I see girls driving manual cars like they came out of their mom's vaginas with the stick in their chubby little hands. But it's just not for me, I guess. Even though I have a feeling that it's only the matter of practice, just like after a month of typing you can enter your Facebook login information with your eyes closed. anyhow, I (and my boyfriend) got my mom's (automatic) car for Christmas which means no more excuses!

6. learn norwegian - getting there.

7. learn how to use photoshop - not in the most professional way but it meets my needs.

8. learn how to use final cut pro  - the sky is the limit, though.

9. sign up to a swimming pool or a gym - tried both, stayed in the gym and renewed my membership twice. yeah!

10. drink more water - I really tried, especially in the summer. gotta try harder.

11. learn how to apply make up (high time) - I must say my make up skills improved (I even got some Real techniques brushes, and finally found out the real place on my face to put the contour on) but I'm planning of getting a private 3 hour long make up lesson with a girl I know who is a professional make up artist so she would explain to me the rocket science side of make up (tones? undertones? skin type? not gonna dive there alone).

12. read at least 10 books - pictures or it didn't happen:
It didn't.
13. put up the first giveaway! (already have some ideas so stay tuned!) - the easiest one for sure.

oh well, what's done that's done, and what's not done will move to the year 2014!

1. Be productive (plan the day ahead);

2. Drink 2 litres of water a day;

3. Exercise;

4. Read 10 books a year;

5. Socialize more;

6. Volunteer in dog shelters;

7. Learn Norwegian;

8. Pay more attention to the blog;

9. Watch more movies (classics, preferably);

10. Just be a better version of yourself. Have a fun, creative and busy year because 'this is the youngest we're ever going to be'.